Wolves are a species of canine closely related to the domestic dog.[1]

A human affected with lycantrophy will turn into a wolf-like being known as a werewolf every full moon, although they can be distinguished from a true wolf by their shorter snout and smaller pupils.[2] It appears to be a staple of the Hogwarts Defence Against the Dark Arts curriculum to teach the difference between a werewolf and the true wolf; it was a question on the 1976 Ordinary Wizarding Levels,[3] and Severus Snape taught it as part of a lesson on werewolves during a lesson he was teaching as a substitute in 1993.[4]

Remus Lupin's Patronus Charm took the form of a wolf, as did that of Nymphadora Tonks once she fell in love with him in summer 1995.[5]

A pack of wolves lived in the Forbidden Forest. They were kind and gentle but acted vicious to scare children away from the forest.[2]

A wolf is one possible corporeal form of the Patronus Charm.[6]

Wolf is also a common surname and given name among people of Germanic descent from which the word originates, and has been adapted by others in the Americas, such as famous American wandmaker, Shikoba Wolfe.[7]


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