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The Wooden Bridge[2] (also known as the Covered Bridge)[3] was a feature of Hogwarts Castle.[1]


The bridge appeared derelict, and was constructed of wood beams which extend to the floor of the ravine it laid across. The roof of the Covered Bridge was sagging and appeared tarred. The bridge blended in with the natural environment surrounding it.[1]

The Covered Bridge began at one end of the Clock Tower Courtyard, right at the base of the Clock Tower. At the end of the covered bridge there is a small stone gazebo with benches. Outside of it is the Sundial Garden.[1]

Most of the bridge was destroyed during the Battle of Hogwarts by Neville Longbottom, Seamus Finnigan and Ginevra Weasley under the orders of Minerva McGonagall. The bridge was destroyed using charges. The pursuing army of Snatchers all fell to their deaths as the bridge collapsed under them.[4] It is unknown if the bridge was rebuilt or not after the battle concluded.


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