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Year 1 in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery entails how the player, as Jacob's sibling, meets some new friends, makes some enemies and learn potions, charms, and how to fly on a broomstick. At the same time, they search for clues about their missing brother, and the Cursed Vaults he was looking for. It contains 10 chapters in total.


Chapter 1: Your Journey Begins

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
— Year 1, Chapter 1 description[src]

Chapter 1 is an introduction to basic gameplay and introduces Jacob's sibling's first friend. It contains 6 parts.

The player begins by choosing the gender of their character, facial features, hairstyle, hair colour, and skin colour. The gender of Jacob's sibling determines the gender of the character's best friend, Rowan Khanna. Jacob's sibling's physical appearance is changeable at any point in the game, but not the gender.

Arriving at Diagon Alley, they are introduced to Rowan Khanna. Rowan advises the player to purchase their books from Flourish and Blotts. The player is introduced to the basic concept of the game, which is spending energy points on certain activities to earn XP and other rewards.

The player rejoins Rowan and names their character: The player can manually input the name of their character, as long as its within certain restrictions, or choose a random name from the generator. Jacob's sibling's name is changeable at any point in the game. The player then establishes a friendship with Rowan, and they asked the player's opinion on what clothing items they should buy between a scarf, a sweater, or a hat.

The character purchases their wand from Ollivanders. The player finds out their character has a brother who went missing and depending on the answer the player selects in response, they will receive one possible wand wood and core out of three possible ones.

Chapter 2: Welcome to Hogwarts

"Perched atop a high mountain, with its turrets, towers, and sparkling windows, the strange and splendid Hogwarts Castle awaits you."
— Year 1, Chapter 2 description[src]

Chapter 2 introduces the player to Hogwarts and classes, containing 2 parts and 2 classes.

The player arrives at Hogwarts where they gather in the Great Hall. The Sorting Hat asks the player which House they were hoping for, Gryffindor for brave and daring, Hufflepuff for dedicated and loyal, Ravenclaw for witty and wise, or Slytherin for ambitious and cunning. The Hat then places the character in their House of choice, which is the same House as Rowan's. This can change certain aspects of the story. The player will not be able to change your House later on.

The player and Rowan then head to their common room where they talk before attending Charms and Potions. In Potions, they encounter bully Merula Snyde and have the choice of how to deal with her.

Chapter 3: Dealing With Trouble

"After your encounter with the belligerent Slytherin, Merula Snyde, you must seek out a way to recover the House Points you lost."
— Year 1, Chapter 3 description[src]

Chapter 3 contains 7 parts and 1 class. The player meets new friends and is introduced to Gobstones.

The player is introduced to Ben Copper and the Prefect of the House the player chooses. The player (and Rowan, should the player want Rowan to join them,) will be tricked by Merula and attacked by Devil's Snare.

They are rescued by Rubeus Hagrid.

During the Flying class, the player receives another opportunity to create a friendship with Ben.

Rowan invites the player to play Gobstones and the player's choices in the game determines how it works out. Later, Merula finds them and taunts the player with research she found about the player's brother who people think run away to join the Death Eaters. Depending on the choice of the player, they can respond with information which reveals Merula's parents were Death Eaters. Merula then challenges the player to a duel.

Chapter 4: Revenge is Best Served Magical

"Merula will continue to be a thorn in your side unless you improve your duelling skills. Perhaps you can find a tutor…"
— Year 1, Chapter 4 description[src]

Chapter 4 contains 5 parts. This marks the first appearance of Side Quests.

The player reports to their House Prefect who offers to teach the player to duel when they have learned a duelling spell.

The player finds the secret duelling book in the Artefact Room and the player receives information about the Cursed Vaults their brother went looking for.

The player then has an opportunity to talk with Rowan about what the player found out and build their friendship with Rowan depending on their choices.

The player then begins improving their duelling in preparation for the duel with Merula. Professor Flitwick is known to be a duelling champion, and Flitwick agrees to help the player improve their skill at duelling by teaching them one spell. Flitwick then tells the player they can only use the spell for self-defence and they should ask Ben for help in order to learn another spell.

The player finds Ben in the Great Hall where they have the chance to cheer Ben up and improve their friendship. However, Rowan finds a spell in the duelling book and the player learns the new spell. Rowan then lets the player try the new spell on them and it works, and they agree to report their findings to their house Prefect.

Chapter 5: The Duel

"With an arsenal of spells and potions at your disposal, you now prepare for your inevitable rematch with Merula Snyde"
— Year 1, Chapter 5 description[src]

The player reports their new skills to their House Prefect and is asked to duel Rowan for practice. The game offers three choices for how to duel: Sneaky, Defensive and Aggressive. Both Rowan and the player choose one of the three; depending on the choices, one will defeat the other. Having won the duel, the player finds Merula bullying Ben in the courtyard.

Merula attacks Ben with a spell and the player feels they have no choice and have to decide on the way they will intervene. They have the choice of attacking before Merula or defending when Merula attacks them. Merula and the player then duel and the player will win. Professors Snape and Flitwick then arrive and Snape blames the player for beginning the duel.

However, depending on the earlier choice of the player Flitwick will ask the player whether they were the one who began the duel. If they had not Flitwick will defend the player and Snape will demand the player receives detention anyway for learning defensive spells.

Chapter 6: A Curious Corridor

"Victorious in your duel with Merula, you must now answer to Professor Snape. Meanwhile, a new Hogwarts mystery lies just around the corner."
— Year 1, Chapter 6 description[src]

The player meets Penny Haywood who says thank you to them for dealing with Merula. Penny offers to help the player when they need it. The player and Merula then find Snape who tells them he would make them leave the school for their actions but Albus Dumbledore would want them to receive detention. They are then interrupted by Argus Filch who mentions a vault in a corridor to Snape, who then leaves to investigate.

Merula deduces they are talking about the cursed vaults and follows them and the player then decides to follow Merula. Snape asks Filch who else knows about the vaults and ice and then decides to inform Dumbledore and deduces it may be connected to the player's brother. The player wonders why Merula would be looking for the vaults and then tells Rowan what happened.

The player has the choice of how to tell Rowan what happened, and persuade them to join the plan the player created to find out more about the cursed vaults and cursed ice. They then head to the corridor where they search for any clue which may lead them to the vaults. They eventually decide to open a door leading off the corridor, only to find the door was locked. They hear a noise and abandon the locked room.

Chapter 7: Class Matters

"A lock, a door, Filch and Mrs Norris, a mystery. Clearly, you must gain entry to the locked room, but your Prefect may have other plans."
— Year 1, Chapter 7 description[src]

The player meets with their House Prefect who asks them to focus more on school work for a while and make up for the House points taken from them through their rule-breaking.

Part of the classes section of the chapter was to learn the spell Knockback Jinx. However, Flitwick taught the player a duelling spell already and tells them they cannot learn another one. The player can respond with a choice of three possible answers which determine whether they can persuade Flitwick to let them learn Flipendo.

In Potions, Merula asks the player whether they told anyone about what they heard in the corridor. The player can tell the truth or lie. The player then asks Merula again why she wants to find the cursed vaults and she refuses to tell them. The player later reminds Merula they need to rotate their potion two more times and they will be rewarded with ten points.

Chapter 8: Preparing for the Room

"With your Prefect appeased, you return your attention to the locked door. Why does Snape want it kept secret, and what does it have to do with you?"
— Year 1, Chapter 8 description[src]

The player's House Prefect will now be happy with the effort and Rowan decides to ask the player about the locked room. The player creates a plan to knock Mrs Norris out with a Sleeping Draught in order to reach the door unnoticed. Then they will use the Unlocking Charm to open the door. Finally the spell Flipendo will help them escape if they are trapped in the room.

The player decides to ask Penny Haywood to help them create the Sleeping Draught. They decide they need the help of a third person with the task and the player picks between Ben and Penny to bring. The player talks to Penny in the Potions Classroom and she agrees to help them create the Sleeping Draught. Penny can either be told why the player is making the potion or she can be lied to.

The player thanks Penny for helping, and then Penny or Ben (depending on the choice of the player) tells the player they should talk tonight about the secret mission Rowan told them they wanted their help with. The player and either Penny or Ben talk about the plan and they wonder why the player would want them to help. The player can respond with three possible answers which may improve their friendship. The player then persuades them to help.

Chapter 9: Inside the Room

"In the waning days of your first year at Hogwarts, you complete preparations to enter the locked room. It's time to learn what's inside."
— Year 1, Chapter 9 description[src]

The player heads to meet Rowan and either Penny or Ben in the corridor of the locked room. On the way, Filch apprehended them and asked them what they were up to. He mentions their trouble-maker brother, Jacob and the player can trick Filch into walking away from the corridor.

The three of them gather in the corridor where Mrs Norris was guarding the door. Rowan puts Mrs Norris to sleep using the Sleeping Draught dosed in milk and then the player opens the door with the Unlocking Charm. Merula then overpowered the group and tells them she will be the one who finds the Cursed Vaults before anyone else.

The player decides what to do about Merula. They follow Merula only to find she was trapped by the cursed ice which was growing and Merula begs them to help her. The Cursed Ice trapped the four of them in the room. The player begins saving them and decides whether they should help Merula.

However, when they have saved everyone they cannot reach the door. If the player chose Penny, she will reveal she made the Strengthening Solution and drinks it, before preceding to break the ice. If the player chose Ben, they will encourage him to cast a Knockback Jinx on the ice to break it. Before they left the room, the player noticed the writing in codes on the wall which Rowan says she will remember.

The player and Rowan wonder what the room was and what happened to the Cursed Vault they thought would be in the locked room. Rowan says perhaps the code will help them when they decipher it.

However, the school including the Prefect find out that the four of them went to the forbidden corridor and found the ice. The player can tell the Prefect the truth or lie. The Prefect reminds the player they represent their house even though they understand they need answers about what happened to their brother. They then tell the player that Dumbledore wants to talk to them later.

On the way to talk to Dumbledore, Rowan tells the player they found out what the code said about the Ice Knights who guard the Vanished Stairs. Rowan says they will work it out by the second year. When the player talks to Dumbledore, the player's surprised when he was kind to the player.

The player tells him why they broke the rules, and he tells them they can not only stay for their second year but that he thinks what they found will make sense in the future. He praises their actions and awards them one hundred points for their house. He warns them to be considerate about their choices in the future and the impact they have on other people, telling them he will talk to them about the Cursed Vaults and their brother another time.

Chapters 10: Year's End

"Your first year at Hogwarts has come to an end, but as one door closes, another opens..."
— Year 1, Chapters 10 description[src]

The player attends the End-of-Term Feast where they find out whether their House won the House Cup. The player will be rewarded with one hundred gems and then head home for the summer holidays.

Side Quests

Magical Pets

Appears during the second part of Chapter 4.

This quest introduces you to special pets, such as Crups and Kneazles.

  1. Meet Hagrid (Courtyard)
  2. Visit Dorm Room

Rewards: 50 EmpathyIcon.png Empathy, 1 CoinIcon.png Coin, 100 XPIcon.png XP.

Gobstones with Friends

Appears during the second part of Chapter 4.

This quest is just a regular game of Gobstones with one of your friends.

  1. Play Gobstones with friends (Courtyard)

Rewards: 50 EmpathyIcon.png Empathy, 1 GemIcon.png Gem, 150 XPIcon.png XP.

A Friend in Need

Appears during the fourth part of Chapter 4.

"Ben Copper, the cowardly Gryffindor, has a good heart and a preternatural gift for Charms work…he could use a friend like you."
— Quest description[src]

Afraid to Fly

Roughly takes place during Chapter 7.

The player agrees and talks to Rowan Khanna who tells the player perhaps they could help Ben Copper improve his Flying class skills. The player finds Ben and helps him study in the Great Hall.

Ben continued to feel worried about flying which gave the player the idea to help Ben feel okay with flying by using the Levitation Charm on him. They tell Ben to find them in the Courtyard later. They use the Levitation Charm on Ben but he is still nervous about flying so the player agrees to help Ben at Flying class. The player has the choice of how to help Ben and encourage him throughout the class. Ben finds newfound confidence in flying and thanks the player for their help. Ben tells Madam Hooch and they both receive ten points for their Houses.

Test of Strength

Roughly takes place during Chapter 8.

The Prefect also asks the player for a word and tells them they are hoping to continue preparing the player for future challenges by continuing to teach them duelling with Ben. Ben agrees to continue helping the player because it will improve his duelling too. The player decides whether they should learn by having a proper go at duelling each other or whether to go easy on Ben.

They will then duel Ben. Ben will only use the Defence option and the player should use the Sneaky option to defeat him. The Prefect then tells the player to research duelling because they will be duelling the Prefect next. The player and Rowan later meet up to plan the duel they will have with the Prefect. Rowan gathered every duelling book they found and offers to help the player read through them. They then study duelling together. The player then thanks Rowan.

Rowan notices that the player spends little time building friendships with the people in their house, and asks them to spend time with their fellow house friends. The player agrees and then they gather at the Training Grounds to duel the Prefect. The Prefect and the player duel. The player needs to pay attention to the pattern of the Prefect's actions in order to know what to do to defeat them. The player then decides whether they want to tell everyone they won or whether to keep it between them and the Prefect.

House Meeting

Note: This Side Quest has a different name depending on the player's House.

  • Gryffindor: "You're a Gryffindor"
  • Ravenclaw: "You're a Ravenclaw"
  • Hufflepuff: "You're a Hufflepuff"
  • Slytherin: "You're a Slytherin"

Roughly takes place during Chapter 9.

Jacob's sibling attends House meeting. As a Ravenclaw or a Hufflepuff, the player gathers with people in their house, including Rowan and the Prefect to talk about and revise for their classes. As a Slytherin, their house also brainstorms on how to win the House Cup. The player has the option of being part of planning for revision or to go along with the other's plans. As a Gryffindor, their house talk about beating Slytherin in the upcoming Quidditch game.


Howling Hallowe'en

Main article: Howling Hallowe'en
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Party Planner

Main article: Party Planner

Occurs specifically after the completion of Chapter 6.[1]

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Christmas at Hogwarts

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4





Behind the scenes

  • In Chapter 2, Rowan and the player discuss their timetable when they first get to their common room on 1 September. However, students are not supposed to get their timetables until the next day. It is, however, possible, that this interaction actually takes place on 2 September, and their classes start on 3 September.
    • Since 2 September 1984 was a Sunday,[citation needed] it makes it more likely classes only started on the third day that year instead of the second like normally.

Fixed errors

  • For a short window, Achievement "Howling Hallowe'en" was briefly located in Year 1, with Fenrir Greyback misspelled as "Fenrir Greenback" in its description, though the quest was no longer visible shortly afterward. This typo was fixed and the Achievement was added back to Year 1 on 18 October 2018.

Continuity issues

In events that are chronologically set in the past, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery updates dialogues to match with the player's current progress; this results in continuity errors but is avoidable as long as players access the events before encountering major changes that happen to a friend, such as gaining a new personality, graduation, or death. Notable examples include:

  • Achievement "Party Planner" seemingly contains continuity errors along with other mistakes, as documented here.
  • Achievement "Howling Hallowe'en"
    • Penny revealed her fear for werewolves and having a friend killed by one, which originally debuts respectively in Chapter 1 of Year 3 and Side Quest "Penny for Your Thoughts", both over at least one year in the future of this Year 1 Achievement.
      • Even if the event is meant to take place after "Penny for your thoughts", it could still be considered a mistake as Penny could drink the Forgetfulness Potion, causing her to forget about this event.
    • Liz Tuttle, Barnaby Lee, and Ismelda Murk are all visible and can be interacted with in certain tasks. The player meets all three of them in Year 3, as this is a Year 1 Achievement the player wouldn't have met them and shouldn't know who they are. Barnaby is also mentioned several times as if the player knows him as his uncle Cecil Lee plays a role in this event, yet as mentioned the player should have no clue who Barnaby is.
  • Achievement "Christmas at Hogwarts"
    • The achievement is placed in Year 1, but everything in the event seems to imply it takes place in Year 3 or later.
      • Jacob's sibling already knows Bill, Tonks, and Charlie.
      • Prefect badges appear based on the player's progress.
      • Penny mentions Scarlett, a mention which only makes sense if it happened before Side Quest "Penny for Your Thoughts" took place (sometime after the first herbology class during the 1986–1987 school year,) or if the player completed the said quest and persuaded Penny to not drink the Forgetfulness Potion.
      • Arthur mentions the player having adventures with the Cursed Vaults, but the player does not enter a Cursed Vault until the end of Year 2.


  • Achievement "Howling Hallowe'en"
    • Fenrir Greyback remained in human form while his two companions were in werewolf forms; Chiara Lobosca was revealed to be a werewolf as well, yet also remained in her human form in the same scene.
    • Fenrir Greyback was noted to be strong, yet Jacob's sibling could easily defeat him in a duel.
  • Achievement "Christmas at Hogwarts"
    • Information on whether Percy Weasley is already attending Hogwarts seems to be contradicting. Molly mentions Percy being at home alongside his younger siblings (Bill and Charlie specifically had to stay at Hogwarts due to the mess at the Burrow) but the player only wonders about meeting Fred, George, Ron, and Ginny.
      • It is possible the player is simply not interested in meeting Percy.

Notes and references