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Year 4 in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery covers the 1987–1988 school year.


Chapter 1: Year Four Begins

"After conquering your fears, and an assortment of You-Know-Who Boggarts, you return to Hogwarts to open the next Cursed Vault, and finally find your brother."
— Year 4, Chapter 1 description[src]

Professor Albus Dumbledore introduces the students to a Curse-Breaker, Patricia Rakepick. Rakepick tells the students not to go look for the Cursed Vaults.

Ben Copper looks more worried than usual. The player gets the option to check on Ben. Rubeus Hagrid needs the player's help, as something horrible has happened and ask them to come to the Clocktower Courtyard. If the player chose to check on Ben, they ask if Ben can come with them.

When arriving to the Courtyard, the player sees Tulip Karasu, who, according to the player, has gone to the Forbidden Forest, to which Tulip says that it must have been sleepwalking. The player remembers the sleepwalking incident that happened in Year 2 and uses Episkey to heal Tulip. Tulip is then taken to the Hospital Wing. If Ben comes along, he mentions that he is awaiting a letter from someone.

The player takes Tulip to the Hospital Wing and visits her. They both agree that the Cursed Vaults are in the Forbidden Forest, though not understanding why the curse sends sleepwalkers to the Forbidden Forest. Madam Rakepick appears, having eavesdropped on their conversation, and tells them to stop looking for the Cursed Vaults. She then tells the player to meet her in the Training Grounds, where she later teaches the player the Shield Charm.

The player meets Tulip in a corridor, and she confesses to following Rakepick because she was questioned by her about the sleepwalking incident and the Cursed Vaults. She were interrogating the house-elves in the kitchen when Professor Severus Snape showed up and informed her that he had found another sleepwalking student, before leading Madam Rakepick an upstairs corridor, where the student was. Madam Rakepick then asks Professor Snape how many he had found, to which he replied that he had found seven just since the start of that year. He was going to take the student to the Hospital Wing, but Madam Rakepick retorts that Professor Dumbledore charged her with anything to do with the Cursed Vaults so they agree to go to the Hospital Wing together, with Professor Snape's condition being if she would keep her mouth shut.

Chapter 2: The Mysterious Madam Rakepick

"Tulip thinks Madam Rakepick is up to something, but the only way to know for sure is to speak with those who know her best."
— Year 4, Chapter 2 description[src]

The player meets their friends in the Library to discuss Patricia Rakepick and study the map of the Forbidden Forest. The player meets Rowan Khanna in the Great Hall to discuss about Madam Rakepick. Rowan thinks Ben isn't really their friend and is trying to hide something. The player tells Rowan that they asked him about his connection to "R" but he denied everything.

The player takes potions class and asks Snape for his opinion about Madam Rakepick. He reveals she was in her 5th year when he started at Hogwarts and that she was liked by people like her but disliked by the staff. Then the player ask Professor Filius Flitwick for his opinion, who says that Dumbledore trusts her so you shouldn't judge her. The player asks Madam Rolanda Hooch after a flying class for what she thinks about Madam Rakepick and she says she could tell you but she would prefer not uto se that language around the students. The player is surprised about Hooch's strong opinions about Madam Rakepick, to which Madam Hooch comments that the player doesn't know her that well but it will change if the player joins their House's Quidditch Team. The player then talks to Hagrid, who describes her as talented, ambitious, brave, devious, reckless, heroic and dangerous. He also said you shouldn’t work against her.

The player talks to Rowan in their Common Room and they receive a letter from Madam Rakepick. The letter reads: “Dear Miss [player's last name], I understand you have been questioning the faculty about my personal history, and reasons for being at Hogwarts. I can only assume you’ve taken such an interest in me because we share a common interest in the Cursed Vaults. Perhaps you’re talking behind my back because you fear what I might do in response to your inquiry. I’d like to see you immediately in the Artefact Room, as I think it’s best we discuss the matter in private. If you choose to ignore my invitation, I will take it upon myself to find you. Warmest regards, Patricia Rakepick.”

Rowan asks the player if they want him to come with them. The player goes to the Artefact Room. If the player brought Rowan he would ask them why them didn’t come alone, and the player says they said they are interested in Madam Rakepick. Then Rowan says it's an honour to meet her and asks her not to hurt him. Madam Rakepick tells the player she would help them. The player asks why, because she asked them to stay away from the Cursed Vaults. She says that the player is different and that they were the same as when she started. She encourages the player to keep looking for the Cursed Vaults even if it means breaking school rules and disobeying Dumbledore. Madam Rakepick tells the player that she thinks that a Cursed Vault might be in Hogsmeade, and not even in the Forbidden Forest. She asks the player if they would like to be her assistant. Then Rakepick tells the player to ask Professor Kettleburn how to get in the Forbidden Forest safely.

Chapter 3: All About Bowtruckles

"Madam Rakepick encourages you to enter the Forbidden Forest, but you'll need help from an eccentric professor and a feisty magical creature."
— Year 4, Chapter 3 description[src]

The player attends the Care of Magical Creatures class for Bowtruckle, and attempts to ask Professor Silvanus Kettleburn ways to enter the Forbidden Forest, and is told that he will share what he knows if the player studies more about Bowtruckle and find a home for it. The player goes to meet Kettleburn at the Courtyard after doing what was asked, only to be attacked by a cloaked figure, who claims to be a messenger.

Chapter 4: Curse-Breakers

"After an attack by an ominous wizard, you attempt to regroup, and find you way into the Forbidden Forest. Madam Rakepick, however, has other plans..."
— Year 4, Chapter 4 description[src]

The player meets Professor Kettleburn and proves their knowledge of Bowtruckles by caring for one. Kettleburn tells the player that he has advised many students on entering the forest, including Madam Rakepick. Now that the professors are monitoring the forest it is harder to sneak in but Kettleburn still thinks flying will be the easiest way in.

Madam Rakepick asks the player to meet her at the Training Grounds. The player joins Ben, Rowan, Bill Weasley, Merula Snyde and Ismelda Murk in a little competition to become Rakepick's assistant. The player joins Tulip and Bill at the Three Broomsticks Inn to talk about how to get into the Forbidden Forest. Bill sends an owl to Charles Weasley to come and discuss with them. Charlie advises the player to practise flying and Ferula and Vermillious first.

The player meets Penny Haywood in Flying class, and asks how the meeting with Madam Rakepick went. Although she received an invitation as well, she turned it down, being more of a potion-brewer than a curse-breaker. After flying class, the player will ask Madam Poppy Pomfrey to teach them the Bandaging Charm. Madam Rakepick calls the students back to the Training Grounds and has them duel each other. The player can choose to duel Bill Weasley, Merula Snyde or Ismelda Murk.

Chapter 5: Time to Fly

"It's time to fly into the Forbidden Forest in search of the next Cursed Vault. All you need to do is find a broom..."
— Year 4, Chapter 5 description[src]

The player goes to ask Madam Hooch if they can borrow a broom. They claim it's for Quidditch practice, but Hooch does not believe them. The player has the choice to either tell the truth or continue lying, but regardless of their choice, Hooch explains that no brooms are allowed to be borrowed due to the Black Lake incident.

The player meets up with their friends in the Library and learns about the Black Lake incident from Tulip. The two and Tonks come up with a plan to steal a broom from Filch by distracting him with something from Zonko's Joke Shop.

The plan succeeds. The player and Tulip sneak into Filch's Office while Tonks stays in the Great Hall and watches Filch's reaction. Tulip and the player find out that every broom in Filch's office has been destroyed, but they manage to find another black quill.

Tulip and the player meet up with Rowan in Jacob's room, where they untransfigurate the message and find out that R has been sending threatening messages to Madam Rakepick. Rowan, shocked that her theory about R being Rakepick is wrong, asks the player who they think R is, and they have the option of choosing either Rita Skeeter, Madam Rosmerta or Filius Flitwick.

With no brooms to steal, the player and Charlie Weasley come to the conclusion that the only way to get to the Forbidden Forest is by borrowing someone else's broom. The player can choose between Andre Egwu, Ismelda Murk and Merula Snyde. The player goes to the Three Broomsticks to convince the person.

Chapter 6: Explore the Forbidden Forest

"It's time to gather your friends and enter the Forbidden Forest where you'll encounter more dangers than just the Cursed Vault."
— Year 4, Chapter 6 description[src]

The player meets Charlie and a friend, chosen between Bill, Rowan, and Barnaby Lee, in the courtyard and flies to the Forbidden Forest. The player and the chosen friend arrive safely but Charlie is out of sight, so a search for him in the Forest Grove proceeds. Afterwards, the player is asked whether to cast a spell, keep searching for Charlie, or yell for him, which require 20 courage points. Regardless of the choice, Charlie finds the two. If casting a spell, Vermillious is cast, and Charlie will appear and comment that it was a nice spell.

The player then meets Tulip in Jacob's room and finds Merula Snyde there as well, hence asks Tulip why and she replies that Merula has searched this room more than anyone else so she would know a lot about the room. The three occupants then search the room for clues.

The player then heads to the Forest Grove with a chosen company between Tulip, Penny and Merula. Centaur Torvus appears, asking the player to leave and the reason for being there, which leads to a duel. He reveals to being exiled from his camp due to aiding Jacob in finding the Cursed Vault in the forest. Jacob has asked for Torvus' family heirloom, but he refused so Jacob stole it, leaving Torvus blamed for the theft. The family heirloom is the broken arrow the player found in the Vault of Fear, placed to break the curse there. The player shows it to Torvus, who asks for the other part, which the player responds to having only found what is shown. Torvus then tells the player a jewel is supposed to be on the other end of it.

Chapter 7: Beast, Beings, and Creatures

"After your encounter with a Centaur, you return to Hogwarts to seek help from your friends and Madam Rakepick. "
— Year 4, Chapter 7 description[src]

The player tells Charlie about the expedition into the Forbidden Forest in the Three Broomsticks. He tells the player he knows Torvus. The player enlarges the Butterbeer, saying that Madam Rosmerta won’t like it if they enlarge the Butterbeer too much but one more time is okay.

The player meets Tulip, Barnaby, and Rowan in the library to study centaurs.

Then the player meets Penny and someone of their choice in Jacob's Room to find clues for the missing arrow head.

The player is then given the option of asking Ben Copper, Bill Weasley or Patricia Rakepick for advice.

If they pick Ben, the player will have to wait because he had ended up in the Hospital Wing and could not meet him/her before Madam Pomfrey allowed him to leave. Later, the player will go to the Great Hall to talk to him about finding the missing arrow head because he, having spent so much time hiding, ought to know the best place to hide something valuable. Suggesting that had it been him, he would hide the arrowhead as far away from the castle itself as possible. This makes the MC consider searching in or around the Forbidden Forest, Hogsmeade or the Black Lake. Ultimately, he suggests getting a Niffler.

If they pick Bill, the player will have to wait because of a meeting he was going to have with Professor McGonagall in preparation for his N.E.W.T. exams. Later, the player will go to the Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade to talk to him about finding the missing arrowhead because he, being a Prefect, probably was good at figuring out were people usually hid stuff they did not want other people to find, and probably knew more about centaurs and arrowheads than they did. Ultimately, he suggests getting a Niffler, assuring the player that a Niffler would be able to find a jewelled arrowhead no matter where it was.

If they pick Madam Rakepick, the player will have to wait because she is currently in the middle of investigating something important. Later, the player will go to the Training Grounds to talk to her about finding the missing arrow head because she, as a seasoned Curse-Breaker, should know what to do. Happy to help with anything having to do with the Cursed Vaults, Rakepick nevertheless insisted that the player brushed up on their offensive and defensive spellwork before doing so. Once happy with the results, she suggested that the arro head was likely to be hidden somewhere within the castl, since one did not necessarily need a shovel and dirt to dig something down. Ultimately, she told them to prove themselves capable of looking after a Niffler, saying that if they could do this, she would borrow them her the one that had been assigned to her by Gringotts to help in the search.

Chapter 8: Sickleworth

"You need to borrow Madam Rakepick's Niffler to find the Centaur's missing arrowhead, but Madam Rakepick doesn't lend out her Niffler to just anyone."
— Year 4, Chapter 8 description[src]

The player meets Professor Kettleburn in the Care of Magical Creatures Class to spend some time with Madam Rakepick's Niffler. He suggests the player grows food for the Niffler. The player grows food in their Herbology class for the Niffler. The player meets Hagrid in the Courtyard to ask him what he knows about Nifflers.

Thereafter, the player is told to by what appears to be Professor Kettleburn to meet him in their Care of Magical Creatures Class, but they find Madam Rakepick there instead. She asks the player if they are ready to care for her Sickleworth, with the player choosing to say yes, no or not sure. Then the player learns to care for their Niffler. The player tells Madam Rakepick that they will return her Niffler once they find the buried arrowhead. She tells the player that although it is well behaved, it is still a Niffler. Madam Rakepick adds that it is one of the the few things that she cares for, and advise them against mistreating him.

Chapter 9: Glittery Secrets

"Accompanied by Madam Rakepick's Niffler, you scour the castle in search of the Centaur's missing arrowhead."
— Year 4, Chapter 9 description[src]

The player searches the Artefact Room with Sickleworth. Ben Copper thinks the buried arrowhead is far from the castle, but Madam Rakepick thinks it is in the Artefact Room. The player asks the Niffler to start searching for it, but it refuses to do it so the player searches the Artefact Room while the Niffler watches. The player doesn't think it's there, but the Niffler disagrees and rolls over scrolls, jumps into a basket, runs through a barrel and comes out with a glittery necklace. The player says it is nice but they are looking for an arrowhead. The player then repairs a cabinet the Niffler ruined with Reparo.

The player meets Madam Rakepick in the Clocktower Courtyard. She asks the player how the search for the arrowhead is. The player says they couldn’t find it in the Artefact Room but they were going to search Argus Filch's office, but they already tricked him twice and it probably won’t work again. She asks the player if they would like her to distract Filch. The player asks if she is worried about getting caught, and she says she isn’t worried about anything but will expect an owl when the deed is done.

Then the player searches Filch's office with Sickleworth. The Niffler wants the player to search the room again like in the Artefact Room. The player comments that Sickleworth really is Madam Rakepick's Niffler. The player doesn't think the arrowhead is in there either. Sickleworth climbs up a cabinet, climbs on stacks of paper and goes to a box and pulls out something. Madam Rakepick appears, declaring it to be a key. The player is startled to see her there and she says she distracted Filch. She asks Sickelworth to give her the key. The player asks what's on the key and she replies it is gillyweed and that she has been searching for it for a long time. The player confronts her and says that she never thought the arrowhead was there, she just sent them there to find the key. Madam Rakepick admits she couldn't enter his office without reason, and she can just say she followed a rebellious student inside. The player angrily accused Rakepick of tricking them, to which she replied doing just as the player did to Filch and others, saying the player and herself are similar so that's why she would allow the player to borrow Sickleworth. Rakepick wishes the player good luck for the search for the arrowhead and that she has her own search to attend to. The player fixes the drawer with the Mending Charm, then commands Sickleworth to go and find the arrowhead.

Chapter 10: Seeing Red

"After failing to find the missing arrowhead within the walls of Hogwarts, you'll need to search elsewhere, and face the most frightening beast you've ever seen."
— Year 4, Chapter 10 description[src]

The player speaks to Charlie about Rakepick, and Charlie agrees to enter the Forbidden Forest with the player. The player then picks between Ben Copper, Andre Egwu, and Ismelda Murk to also accompany them. In the Forbidden Forest, Sickleworth leads the player to a Red Cap's hole. There the player searches for Torvus' jewelled arrowhead, only to be interrupted by the Red Cap returning. Chased out of the hole, the player decides to further research Red Caps in the library. Once finished, the player decides the best method to getting rid of the Red Cap is to brew a Beautification Potion with Penny Haywood's assistance.

Chapter 11: Beautification Potion

"You discovered that the only way to get rid of the Red Cap guarding the missing arrowhead is with a Beautification Potion. Fortunately, you're friends with Penny Haywood."
— Year 4, Chapter 11 description[src]

The player meets Penny Haywood in the Great Hall, who agrees to both gather ingredients and help brew the Beautification Potion. The player then goes to Herbology class to gather Ginger roots and has the option to lie or tell the truth to Pomona Sprout. Either way, she tells the player they can find some at Hagrid's Hut, and at the end of the lesson, she lets the player take a portion of Lady's Mantle. At Hagrid's Hut, the player talks to Hagrid and is given Ginger root from his gardens. The player then goes to Care of Magical Creatures, where Kettleburn gives them fairy wings after class. Merula Snyde then confronts the player about their progress with the Cursed Vaults, informing the player that Madam Rakepick wants regular updates from them. The player then searches the Forbidden Forest with Sickleworth for Unicorn hair and meets up with Penny, who has the Moondew for the potion. The player successfully brews a Beautification potion with Penny who wonders if Jacob doesn't want to be found by his sibling. Before the player can fly back to the Red Cap's den, however, Snape arrives and breaks the player's borrowed broom, and says he will decide what to do with the player later.

Chapter 12: Working With Snape

"You need to get your broom back from Snape to find the next Cursed Vault, but he'll be needing something in return."
— Year 4, Chapter 12 description[src]

The player attends Potions class, where they apologise to Snape for their rule breaking, and says he only took the broom so they would appear to be at odds with one another in case Rakepick was watching. After class, Snape tells the player that he wants their help discovering Rakepick's true motivations, and gives the player a list of potion ingredients to collect at specific times and places, as Rakepick will be there as well. First, in the Great Hall, the player pretends to speak with Ben Copper while eavesdropping on Rakepick and Filch's conversation. Rakepick questions Filch about the key she took from his office in chapter 9 and Filch eventually reveals that years ago, a package had been left in his office containing that key and three Black Quills. Next, at the Three Broomsticks, the player drinks Butterbeer with Hagrid, and listens to Rakepick attempt to questions Rosmerta about the notebook Jacob had left with her, and whether or not he'd also left behind a map of Hogwarts (possibly the Marauder's map, considering the way it was described). Rosmerta refuses to answer or let Rakepick search her storeroom, and threatens Rakepick with Aurors to get Rakepick to leave. Finally, at the Hospital Wing, the player listens as Rakepick questions Pomfrey over a sleepwalker who has been the longest affected at five weeks and three days. Rakepick calls out to the player and reveals she's been aware of their spying since the beginning, as well as Snape's involvement. Returning to Snape, the player tells Snape what they've learned, and that Rakepick knew about their spying. Snape reveals he expected this, and Rakepick only said what she wanted him to hear and that she'll be waiting for his response. Snape then gives the player Garrotting Gas as a reward for helping (along with house points, if the option to go along willingly with his plans was chosen) as he believes Rakepick may try to kill the player. Snape says he will want the player's help again, and if they remain cooperative he will teach the player a curse he invented.

Chapter 13: The Centaur's Arrow

"Broom and Beautification in hand, you're finally ready to return to the Forbidden Forest, and get rid of the Red Cap. If you succeed, you'll face your biggest threat yet."
— Year 4, Chapter 13 description[src]

In the Courtyard, the player speaks to Charlie Weasley and comes up with a plan to find the arrowhead and convince Torvus to take them to the Cursed Vault's entrance. The player has a choice between Penny, Barnaby, and Rowan to take into the forest, and then goes to the Three Broomsticks to convince their friend of choice to accompany them. The player then flies back into the Forbidden Forest and goes back into the Red Cap's hole, where they begin to search for the arrowhead. When they are interrupted by the Red Cap's return, the player splashes the Red Cap with the Beautification Potion. The Red Cap, looking at its reflection, is so disgusted that it runs away, leaving Sickleworth free to search for the arrowhead. Finding it, the player leaves the hole and casts vermillious to try and catch Torvus' attention. When that fails, the player casts the Levitation Charm on themselves to search the forest for Torvus, and finding him, catches his attention. The player repairs the arrow and gives it back to Torvus, who believes with it back he may be able to rejoin his herd. The player asks to be taken to the vault, but Torvus says they first need to find Hagrid, and that only Hagrid will be able to explain why.

Chapter 14: The Spider's Lair

"Torvus will take you to the Cursed Vault, but only if you convince Hagrid to join you, and prepare to battle giant spiders."
— Year 4, Chapter 14 description[src]

At the Three Broomsticks, the player meets with all of their friends to help prepare for the forest vault, and Ben Copper guesses that the most terrifying creature in the forest will be guarding it. The player and their friends come up with a plan to study dangerous creatures in the forest (Rowan), ask Kettleburn about them (Charlie and Barnaby), and have Bill help train them for a fight while everyone else keeps the teachers distracted. While the player studies, Rowan asks if they find it suspicious that Ben brought up dangerous creatures as a guard, and the player has the option to agree or disagree. In Care of Magical Creatures, the player asks Kettleburn about Acromantulas and depending on the excuse the player gives him, they can earn house points. When asked about fighting the spiders, Kettleburn reveals that though there are spells to do so, he refuses to use them as he finds violence rarely helpful in dealing with magical creatures, and because he believes Acromantuals are 'excellent conversationalists'. The player then trains with Bill, who has them duel with Charlie. Rakepick then has the player meet them in the Transfiguration classroom and teaches the player a spider-repelling spell. Rakepick also reveals that she is aware that the player was attacked by an unknown wizard, and warns them to be careful of those closest to them. Rakepick leaves, taking back Sickleworth for her own investigations.

Chapter 15: Dark Secrets

"You're ready to battle giant spiders, but need to convince Hagrid to join you. A secret has him trapped in his home, but someone else is hiding something much worse."
— Year 4, Chapter 15 description[src]

The player goes to Hagrid's Hut, where they notice the hut has been taken over by Bundimun. They look for Fang's lost toy and, after finding it, tell Hagrid that Torvus wants him to come look for the Cursed Vault. Later, the player meets up with Rowan and Charlie in the Clocktower Courtyard, where the cloaked figure attacks the three. They are then saved by Rakepick. The figure is revealed to be Ben Copper, who appears to have no memory of attacking the three. Rowan does not trust Ben. The player gets to decide whether Rakepick takes Ben to the Hospital Wing, Filch's office or Dumbledore's office. The player returns to Hagrid's hut and gets rid of the Bundimun.

Chapter 16: The Forest Vault

"Accompanied by new friends and new spells, you're ready to battle Acromantulas, and enter the next Cursed Vault."
— Year 4, Chapter 16 description[src]

The player meets Charlie in the Artefact Room, where he feels it is safest from any further attacks from R. The player reviews their plans with Charlie, and the player has the option to take Penny, Bill or Rowan with them into the cursed vault. The player then meets with their friend of choice in the Great Hall and convinces them to join the party.

The player then meets Hagrid and Torvus with their group in the Forest Grove, and Torvus takes them to the Spider's Lair, where the cursed vault is covered by Acromantula webs. The Acromantula returns and reveals they chose this place as their nest because the sleepwalkers would come right to them, allowing them an easy meal, but Torvus began stepping in and preventing the sleepwalkers from reaching the Acromantula. The Acromantula becomes hostile and says they're owed a meal, and traps Torvus, Charlie and Hagrid with their webs. The subsequent actions varies depending on the friend the player brings: Bill will cast Stupefy at the Acromantula to keep it subdued while the player frees the others. Penny will throw the Elixir to Induce Euphoria at it. Rowan will trick the Acromantula into thinking there's a Basilisk in the forest, as all spiders fear them.

Once everyone is freed, the player will duel the Acromantula, who will flee after its defeat. Finding the door to the vault, the player uses the Severing Charm to remove the webs blocking it, and enters. Within the vault, the player tries to touch the vault to open it, but nothing happens. The player then hears the mysterious voice they believe to belong to Jacob, who tells the player that they're "nearly there", but that all vaults but the last one are false, meant to be distractions and traps. The voice reveals they are trapped within the next vault, and that only the player can free them. The voice says then they can find the final vault together, as "they" cannot be allowed to find it first. Using Torvus' arrow, the player touches the column again, which opens to reveal a portrait of a dragon and a small sweater. Torvus leaves, hoping with his heirloom returned he can rejoin his herd.

Exiting the vault, the group encounters Dumbledore and Filch. For continuing to "exhibit little respect for Hogwarts' rules - and its Headmaster" the player will sentenced to serve detention under Pitts the House-elf in the kitchens, to begin the first day of their Fifth-Year, until the player has "learned their lesson".

In the Three Broomsticks the player celebrates breaking the sleepwalking curse with all of their friends except for Ben Cooper, who has hardly been seen since the teachers released him. Ben still claims not to remember anything, and the teachers are still investigating what happened. Hagrid arrives and says Dumbledore wants to see the player. In Dumbledore's office, Rakepick arrives via Floo,and reveals she's agreed to become the DADA professor for the next school year.

Chapter 17: End-of-Term Feast

"Your fourth year at Hogwarts has come to an end, but as one door closes, another opens..."
— Year 4, Chapter 17 description[src]

The player attends the Leaving Feast, and Professor McGonagall gives the Year-End Speech, as Professor Dumbledore is unavailable. McGonagall awards the House Cup, and if the player's house wins they're awarded one hundred gems.


Conjure a Patronus

Main article: Conjure a Patronus

Occurs specifically after the completion of Chapter 1.[1]

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Celestial Ball

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Making Mischief!

Main article: Making Mischief!
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

First Date

Main article: First Date

Occurs specifically after the completion of Chapter 7.[2] Takes place after the "Celestial Ball"[3] and "Making Mischief!"[4] achievement quests.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Become a Prefect

Main article: Become a Prefect

Occurs specifically after the completion of Chapter 11.[6]

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Magical Creatures Everywhere

Occurs specifically after the completion of Chapter 7, but later readjusted to Chapter 13.[7]

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Torvus and the Troubled Forest

Main article: Torvus and the Troubled Forest







Care of Magical Creatures

Behind the scenes

Fixed errors

  • For a short while in Year 4, Defence Against the Dark Arts classes gave empathy instead of courage. The Ghoul lesson, however, already gave courage when the class was added.
  • In Chapter 14, when the player learned Arania Exumai, it remained locked. This was fixed shortly afterwards.
  • After completing Chapter 14, Hagrid's Hut showed an "Explore" option but tapping it lead to the Courtyard. It was later fixed so tapping "Explore" lead to Hagrid's Hut instead.
  • In Chapter 15, Hagrid referred to Jacob's sibling as "Firstname" instead of their actual first name. This was fixed shortly afterwards.

Continuity issues

In events that are chronologically set in the past, Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery updates dialogues to match with the player's current progress; this results in continuity errors but is avoidable as long as players access the events before encountering major changes that happen to a friend, such as gaining a new personality, graduation, or death. Notable examples include:

  • Achievement "Conjure a Patronus"
    • The player has the ability to use Legilimency on Merula despite the fact that they do not know they have the ability until their fifth year.
  • Achievement "First Date"
    • Ismelda mentions what happened in the "Crushed" side quest, which takes place a year later.
    • Charlie mentions Frog Spawn Soap ending up in his bath, which happens in Year 5.
    • If MC chooses to date Penny and to fancy Penny in Year 5, the reveal seems to be surprising despite the fact that the two already went on a date (although at that point in Year 5, the game had no way of knowing if the two had already been on a date).


  • Side Quest "The Trouble with Tonks"
    • In the library, a speech bubble is shown above nothing. When tapped, it shows the name Andre, even though Andre is nowhere to be seen.
    • It is mentioned that Bellatrix Lestrange and Filch did not get along while she was attending Hogwarts, but Bellatrix graduated in 1969 or 1970[8] while Filch only started working at Hogwarts in around 1973.[9]
    • On the training grounds, two models of Tonks briefly appear before the beginning of the duel.
  • If the player was confirmed to be selected as a Prefect in the following year, some characters on the Leaderboard can be seen wearing Prefect badges, even if they are below Year 4. The player's character would also have the badge on display when donning school uniform, even though they technically haven't actually become one at that point.
    • The player will also wear a Prefect badge in all side quests taking before Year 4 in parts where they are forced to wear robes.
  • In Chapter 1, the player can use Episkey to cure Tulip Karasu's headache regardless of whether they've gone through the "Sleep Walker" side quest and learned it.
  • In Chapter 2:
  • In Chapter 6, if both the player and Rowan are female, when Jacob’s sibling tries to convince Rowan to go to the Forbidden Forest with them, she says that she might get detention and that it would decrease her chances of becoming Head Boy, even though this Rowan is a girl and would therefore aim to be Head Girl instead.
  • In Chapter 7, Herbology study sessions feature Flitterbloom, which is supposed to be studied as a new subject in that Chapter after the sessions.
  • In Chapter 8:
    • The player can get Care of Magical Creatures study session stars by participating in non-class activities that take place on the Hogwarts grounds area where Care of Magical Creatures is taught. This has not occurred before, but since the activities are indeed related to the subject, it may be intentional.
    • The transfiguration lesson is supposed to be studying beetles into buttons, but it is incorrectly referred as buttons into beetles in several places, such as the main storyline page and the lessons page.
  • In Chapter 12, Jacob's sibling talks to Tulip as if she is one of the sleepwalking students in the Hospital Wing, even though Tulip isn't afflicted with the curse at the moment and isn't even in the room.
  • In Chapter 15, the player can once again use Episkey on Charlie Weasley and another friend, even if they haven't learned it yet.
  • In Chapter 16, if the player tries to convince Bill to join them, the text says the player made Barnaby feel better instead of Bill whenever the right answer is chosen.

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