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Year 6 in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery covers the 1989–1990 school year.[1]



Chapter 1: Year Six Begins

"Your sixth year begins without Rakepick or your brother. And there's a last Cursed Vault to find. But first you'll have to find your friends... and some of them have changed."
— Year 6, Chapter 1 description[src]

Chapter 2: Curses and Prophecies

"The race to the last Cursed Vault may be on, but new troubles have students at Hogwarts scared stiff."
— Year 6, Chapter 2 description[src]

Chapter 3: Mixed Message

"In an effort to decode Trelawney's mysterious prophecy, you seek help from your friends."
— Year 6, Chapter 3 description[src]

Chapter 4: Friends in Low Places

"While your friends struggle to cope with the events of last year, you attempt to uncover a possible new threat."
— Year 6, Chapter 4 description[src]

Chapter 5: Wherefore Art Thou, Weasleys?

"Bill's return is interrupted by a family crisis with ominous implications."
— Year 6, Chapter 5 description[src]

Chapter 6: On Jacob's Trail

"Going off Fred and George's sighting, you search for your brother. But will you get your happy reunion?"
— Year 6, Chapter 6 description[src]

Chapter 7: Niffler Hunting

"A sighting of Rakepick's Niffler, Sickleworth, leads you on a search with an unexpected result."
— Year 6, Chapter 7 description[src]

Chapter 8: Owl Prowl

"Hoping to uncover who wrote the secret message in the White Quill, you go looking for a white owl."
— Year 6, Chapter 8 description[src]

Chapter 9: Artefact Check

"Hot on Rakepick's trail, a tip from an unexpected source sends your search in a new direction."
— Year 6, Chapter 9 description[src]

Chapter 10: Cloaks and Conflicts

"Your plan to sneak into the Ministry of Magic takes shape thanks to a bit of insider information."
— Year 6, Chapter 10 description[src]

Chapter 11: Love in a Bottle

"Between missing ingredients and sceptical friends, brewing a Love Potion for Alistair proves to be a tricky task."
— Year 6, Chapter 11 description[src]

Chapter 12: Now You See Me

"You try to get a feel for your new Invisibility Cloak, using professors as targets. But will you uncover more than you bargained for?"
— Year 6, Chapter 12 description[src]

Chapter 13: On the Run

"A dangerous new threat causes you to question your future and your friends to question their safety."
— Year 6, Chapter 13 description[src]

Chapter 14: A New Friend of a Friend

"Ben's persistence inadvertently leads you to a new friend and a shocking discovery."
— Year 6, Chapter 14 description[src]

Chapter 15: In the Deep End

"With the school reeling from Madam Pomfrey's Petrification, the pressure's on to find the final vault. Your search leads you to a new locale, but does danger await?"
— Year 6, Chapter 15 description[src]

Chapter 16: The Wizard In White

"Still recovering from your experience at the Lakeshore, you seek to shed light on the identity of your attacker."
— Year 6, Chapter 16 description[src]

Chapter 17: Getting the Message

"A new threat to Hogwarts emerges from the shadows while a revelation about your brother presents him in a new light."
— Year 6, Chapter 17 description[src]

Chapter 18: Into the Forest

"You get ready to intercept your brother's meeting with 'R', but nothing can truly prepare you for what awaits in the Forbidden Forest."
— Year 6, Chapter 18 description[src]

Chapter 19: A Farewell to a Friend

"As the school comes together to mourn Rowan, you struggle to make sense of this senseless loss and wonder how to move forward."
— Year 6, Chapter 19 description[src]

Chapter 20: A Circle of Friends

"You unite all your friends under the common goal of finding the last vault and bringing Rakepick to justice."
— Year 6, Chapter 20 description[src]

Chapter 21: Moving Forward

"You receive conflicting advice on how to handle your grief and work to get another ally to join the Circle of Khanna."
— Year 6, Chapter 21 description[src]

Chapter 22: The Exchange Student

"The Castelobruxo student's arrived and Dumbledore's put her in your care! Will you be able to play your role as tour guide while keeping the Circle of Khanna a secret?"
— Year 6, Chapter 22 description[src]

Chapter 23: A Brilliant Surprise

"You welcome a surprise visitor and take next steps to thwart 'R' and Rakepick."
— Year 6, Chapter 23 description[src]

Chapter 24: Return to the Forest

"You're about to return to the scene of Rowan's murder! How are you to get through a normal day of school?"
— Year 6, Chapter 24 description[src]

Chapter 25: Written in the Stars

"What insight does Firenze have into Trelawney's prophecy? You'll have to consult the stars to understand!"
— Year 6, Chapter 25 description[src]

Chapter 26: Unfinished Business

"After your chat with Dumbledore, you're keen to talk to Jacob. But finding him won't be easy..."
— Year 6, Chapter 26 description[src]

Chapter 27: Letting Go

"You rush Beatrice to the Hospital Wing and anxiously wait for her to wake up. But will she be okay?"
— Year 6, Chapter 27 description[src]

Chapter 28: Moving On

"After helping Beatrice let go of her past, you turn your attention to the future... and the dangers that await."
— Year 6, Chapter 28 description[src]

Chapter 29: The Whomping Willow Awaits

"A clue to the whereabouts of 'R' awaits at the Whomping Willow, but how will you approach it safely?"
— Year 6, Chapter 29 description[src]

Chapter 30: Journey to the Whomping Willow

"Your journey to the Whomping Willow yields a clue that could finally put you face-to-face with 'R'."
— Year 6, Chapter 30 description[src]

Chapter 31: The Polyjuice Plan

"Mad-Eye Moody helps you devise a dangerous plan to infiltrate 'R'. Will you convince your friends to help?"
— Year 6, Chapter 31 description[src]

Chapter 32: Quest for Polyjuice Potion

"The Circle of Khanna helps prepare your Polyjuice Potion to infiltrate Rakepick's Dark wizard cabal."
— Year 6, Chapter 32 description[src]

Chapter 33: Imitation Game

"As the Polyjuice Potion brews, you prepare to infiltrate 'R'. You must become Rakepick, inside and out!"
— Year 6, Chapter 33 description[src]

Chapter 34: Final Preparations

"The time to infiltrate 'R' is close at hand. Work with your friends to make sure you're ready."
— Year 6, Chapter 34 description[src]

Chapter 35: Infiltrating 'R'

"The time has come to infiltrate 'R'. Become Rakepick and learn the Cabal's secrets!"
— Year 6, Chapter 35 description[src]

Chapter 36: Search for the Mole

"There's a mole at Hogwarts and it's up to you and your friends to suss them out!"
— Year 6, Chapter 36 description[src]

Chapter 37: Entering the Black Lake!

"You finally enter the Black Lake... but things don't go the way you planned."
— Year 6, Chapter 37 description[src]

Chapter 38: Meeting the Merqueen

"You re-enter the Black Lake... but what you find there will surprise you."
— Year 6, Chapter 38 description[src]

Chapter 39: Gather the Merqueen's Tribute

"The Circle of Khanna helps you gather gifts for the Merqueen. Will it be enough to finally reach the Cursed Vault?!"
— Year 6, Chapter 39 description[src]

Chapter 40: A Witch Scorned

"Merula demands to join you when you return to the Black Lake, but is her heart in the right place?"
— Year 6, Chapter 40 description[src]

Chapter 41: Assembling the Team

"You and Merula work together to determine who will join you in the final Cursed Vault."
— Year 6, Chapter 41 description[src]

Chapter 42: The Final Vault

"You and your friends re-enter the Black Lake to discover, once and for all, what's inside the final Cursed Vault."
— Year 6, Chapter 42 description[src]

Chapter 43: What's Next

"With the Cursed Vaults finally sealed, you and your friends look to the future."
— Year 6, Chapter 43 description[src]

Chapter 44: The Perfect Party

"You and your friends throw a party to celebrate everything wonderful about Hogwarts."
— Year 6, Chapter 44 description[src]

Chapter 45: The Message

"The mystery deepens as you find out what Mundungus Fletcher needs to tell you..."
— Year 6, Chapter 45 description[src]

Chapter 46: Year's End

"Your sixth year at Hogwarts has come to and end, but as one door closes, another opens..."
— Year 6, Chapter 46 description[src]


The Dragon's Treasure

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Head Boys and Girls

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The Rise of a Curse-Breaker

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Care of Magical Creatures

Defence Against the Dark Arts

History of Magic




  • In Chapter 2, the painting by Barnaby Lee only appears to be a Bowtruckle in one single shot, with the rest still displaying Hogsmeade that Badeea Ali drew in the previous school year.
  • In Chapter 5, Liz calls Sir Ribbithe a toad, but previously, he was referred to as a frog.
  • In Chapter 12, Jae is interested in learning the content of a Transfiguration exam, but as he only had an Acceptable as his O.W.L. grade in this subject, he should not be able to continue taking the subject, as Professor McGonagall required students to get at least Exceeds Expectations in order to continue.
  • In the first task of Chapter 13, the player has to go to the Courtyard, but the location shown during the task is the Training Grounds.
  • In the Blackboard Writing Spell lesson in Chapter 21, when Ben talks, voice clips from Rowan are used.
  • In Chapter 22, Alanza Alves would say "your black robes are nice" even if the player aren't wearing the school uniform or anything black at the time.
  • In Chapter 25, the moon shown in the first Astronomy class is a waxing gibbous (as the left side of the moon is less round compared to the right side, and Hogwarts is located on the Northern Hemisphere), which occurs shortly before a full moon. However, it is stated that the events at the end of Chapter 24, taking place during the night of a full moon, happened the night before. As such, the lunar phase shown in the scene should actually be waning gibbous.
  • Despite the fact that the characters are now meant to take N.E.W.T. level subjects, the classes appear identical to the ones in earlier years. For example, in Charms class, all students are from Gryffindor and the player's house. Nymphadora Tonks, a Hufflepuff, had to take N.E.W.T. level Charms in order to become an Auror but is absent.
  • The Divination class at the end of the chapter appears to be their first Divination class ever, but as they are sixth years, they should have already had Divination for three years.
  • The player continues taking Potions even if they received an O.W.L. grade lower than Outstanding, but Snape typically only allows students who got an O to continue Potions, at least if the advice McGonagall gave to Harry for NEWT subjects is accurate. Similarly, the player continues taking other subjects (such as Transfiguration) with an Acceptable grade even if the requirement is Exceeds Expectations.
  • Achievement "HEAD BOYS AND GIRLS" and its side quests
    • Rowan says "Charlie wasn't supposed to tell you" as a response to Jacob's sibling explaining that they know the circumstances behind Rowan's death. However, if the player chose Charlie to come to the Buried Vault in Year 5, the character mentioned in this sentence should be Penny, not Charlie.
  • Achievement "THE RISE OF A CURSE-BREAKER" and its side quests
    • Corey Hayden is wearing a Head Boy or Girl badge in Transfiguration class, even if the player is still in Year 6 at the time of completing the quest.

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