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Year 7 in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery covers the 1990–1991 school year.[1]


Chapter 1: Year Seven Begins

"Your seventh year begins with an exciting announcement by Dumbledore. But uncertainty also looms as you've discovered Merula is the Hogwarts mole!"
— Year 7, Chapter 1 description[src]

Chapter 2: More Questions Than Answers

"It's finally time to get some answers from Merula about her summer. Unfortunately, her summer activities result in a whole new problem…"
— Year 7, Chapter 2 description[src]

Chapter 3: On the Case

"You and Corey investigate Merula and her involvement with 'R', but every mystery has twists and turns..."
— Year 7, Chapter 3 description[src]

Chapter 4: A New Assignment

"Your investigation into Merula is put on hold when you receive an urgent message from Professor Dumbledore."
— Year 7, Chapter 4 description[src]

Chapter 5: The Ministry of Magic

"It's time to visit the Ministry of Magic to receive your first assignment! If only you knew who to talk to..."
— Year 7, Chapter 5 description[src]

Chapter 6: A Window of Opportunity

"Mad-Eye Moody has given you your first assignment! Now the question is… are you up to the task?"
— Year 7, Chapter 6 description[src]

Chapter 7: A New Curse

"You've learned that the enchanted windows have been cursed… and now it's time to track down the culprit!"
— Year 7, Chapter 7 description[src]

Chapter 8: Back to Hogwarts

"It's time to head back to Hogwarts to find a way to break the enchanted windows curse, but it's also time to catch up with Corey about your personal investigation."
— Year 7, Chapter 8 description[src]

Chapter 9: A Beast of a Division

"You may have broken the enchanted window curse, but that doesn't mean you're done at the Ministry of Magic! You still need to debrief with Moody, and a surprise visit from Wilkie Twycross changes up your Ministry assignment."
— Year 7, Chapter 9 description[src]

Chapter 10: The Wampus Cat's Out of the Bag

"With a Wampus Cat on the loose in Hogsmeade, it's time to put your beast catching skills to the test! The mystery deepens, though, once you come face-to-face with the dangerous creature…"
— Year 7, Chapter 10 description[src]

Chapter 11: Goodbye, Magical Creatures…

"Your time in the Department of Magical Creature Regulation is coming to an end, but that doesn't mean the Ministry is done with you! Before you can start your next assignment, you'll have to tie up some loose ends."
— Year 7, Chapter 11 description[src]

Chapter 12: And Hello Magical Accidents and Catastrophes

"Your first assignment with the Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes takes you to Diagon Alley! Your simple assignment takes a turn, however, when you meet an opera diva and discover that the shopkeepers of Diagon Alley are having memory problems…"
— Year 7, Chapter 12 description[src]

Chapter 13: Side Effects May Include Memory Loss

"You've discovered that Xeep's Luscious Locks Solution has been altering people's memories. This seems like an open-and-shut case… until you learn that the prime suspect is missing!"
— Year 7, Chapter 13 description[src]

Chapter 14: The Search for Zenith Xeep

"Rita Skeeter has agreed to tell you where Zenith Xeep is… on the condition that you break into Madam Umbridge's office! What information awaits you in the pink office? And just where is Zenith Xeep?"
— Year 7, Chapter 14 description[src]

Chapter 15: The Counter-Serum

"Now that Zenith Xeep has been caught, it's time to focus on helping her victims. The counter-serum is complete, but now the question is if it works! There's only one way to find out…"
— Year 7, Chapter 15 description[src]

Chapter 16: Trials and Tribulations

"You return to Hogwarts at the request of Professor Dumbledore, but what does he have to say? Does it have to do with the Wizengamot trial? And where does Merula stand on this matter?"
— Year 7, Chapter 16 description[src]

Chapter 17: An Infestation of Doxies

"Corey's been bit by a Doxy, but they're not the only one! It seems like there may be a Doxy infestation at Hogwarts and it's up to you to clear it!"
— Year 7, Chapter 17 description[src]

Chapter 18: Long Live the Doxy Queen

Chapter 19: St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries


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History of Magic


Defence Against the Dark Arts


Muggle Studies

Care of Magical Creatures




Ministry of Magic


  • In Chapter 4, Barnaby mentions the portrait of Armando Dippet when listing individuals in the Headmaster's Office. However, as Year 7 is set before 1992, Armando Dippet is still alive and as such, should not have a portrait in the Headmaster's Office yet.
  • In Chapter 6, Mad-Eye Moody would say registering wands is the player's first task in the Ministry of Magic student programme, even though they've already done two in Chapter 5.

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