"Well, Ted, I don’t know about that, but it’s not only the owls that have been acting oddly today. Viewers as far apart as Kent, Yorkshire, and Dundee have been phoning in to tell me that instead of the rain I promised yesterday, they’ve had a downpour of shooting stars! Perhaps people have been celebrating Bonfire Night early — it’s not until next week, folks! But I can promise a wet night tonight."
Jim McGuffin[src]

Yorkshire is a county in northern England.[1] The small village of Upper Flagley was located in Yorkshire, which was one of the places in Great Britain where a number of magical families came to settle among Muggle neighbours.[5]


During the 12th century, Goodwin Kneen played on a Quidditch team based in Yorkshire. They played another local team based in Ilkley and scored forty-two times. A letter that Kneen wrote to his cousin, Olaf, described the game and became a valuable piece of historical information about the spread of Quidditch across Great Britain.[3] In the early 15th century, Beedle the Bard was born in Yorkshire.[2]

In 1981, Yorkshire was one of the places where wizards celebrated Lord Voldemort's downfall by creating showers of shooting stars that were seen by Muggles. Muggle viewers reported this to meteorologist Jim McGuffin, who gave a report about it on the news that evening.[6]

A Quidditch match was played at a stadium located in Yorkshire between the Wigtown Wanderers and Puddlemere United. Spectators at the match were encouraged to cheer quietly due to Muggles hearing the noise and investigating.[7]

By the summer of 1993, Remus Lupin had been living in a tumbledown, semi-derelict cottage in Yorkshire. Albus Dumbledore found Lupin there and offered him the post of Professor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry teaching Defence Against the Dark Arts.[8]

Residents of Yorkshire developed strong accents, easily recognised by Harry Potter when two wizards visited the Hog's Head Inn in 1995.[4]

According to Aquatic Wonders of Yorkshire: A Wizard's Field Guide, the Grindylow was particularly prevalent in Yorskhire and displayed a surprising degree of physical variation there. It could be found in still or stagnant water throughout the region.[9]

Behind the scenes

Author's comments

"Look, Yorkshire can't have everything [in reference to her preference for Lancashire Tea over Yorkshire Tea]. You've got @Mattdavelewis and one of my favourite characters (Robin)."
— J. K. Rowling regarding Yorkshire on Twitter.[10]


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