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These sewers were in the undergrounds of the Seine river.[1]


"The interior of Kama's hideout is pitch black. The sound of water dripping. A brief shaft of sunlight."
— Description of sewer[src]

The main sewer room

The sewers entrance were near a bridge above the Seine river. The main sewer consisted of a stairwell, leading to a room with two drainage pipes, with water leaking and a gate in the middle, leading to the main room. The room was a round room with the water flowing down. A circular hole, was visable leading to the top of the sewer with sunlight beaming down into the room. In the middle of the room, above the hole was a wooden plank, leading to a section of the room with Yusuf Kama's papers and writings. There were Iron bars, stopping people from entering the other parts of the sewer. [1]


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At some point, Yusuf Kama, while hiding out in this sewers, was attacked by a Water dragon parasite, and went into his eye, leading to Yusuf getting infected.

Yusuf leading Jacob and Newt into these sewers

In 1927, Yusuf Kama lead Newton Scamander and Jacob Kowalski into these sewers to reunite them with Porpentina Goldstein. But they were betrayed when Yusuf disarmed Newt's wand from him and trapped them inside his hideout.[2]


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